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Training Your Workers

Teaching your workers how to safely perform their tasks has always been difficult. Many workers are hired already having received training from previous employers or the union they belong to. However, employers shouldn't rely solely on external training. You definitely want to conduct some of your own training so that workers are educated on how things are to be done at your company. Some types of training that employers will often conduct include:

  • New hire orientations
  • Fall protection
  • First-Aid/CPR
  • OSHA 10 Hour
  • OSHA 30 Hour.

These would be in addition to task-specific training. For example how to use certain equipment or perform certain techniques. Some cities and states, like New York, for example, have their own requirements in terms of what training certifications must be attained by workers before they are allowed to work on any site.


Problems With Training

  • Requires hiring outside experts to create training materials
  • Actual training performed isn't consistent with every worker
  • Hard to track certifications every worker holds
  • Training material is boring or incomplete
  • Instructors aren't engaging when delivering training
  • Training materials aren't easily accessible

Unless your company has a dedicated full-time training department, you've likely experienced some or all of the issues listed above. Even if you do have dedicated training resources they're often using outdated tools like PowerPoint decks, PDF documents, and spreadsheets to manage everything. There's a better way. SafetyHQ allows companies of all sizes to create their own catalog of custom training courses. Workers can take pre-recorded training on their smartphone or computer at home or participate in an instructor-led live training course. All via SafetyHQ. Getting new hires trained up or enhancing the skills of your long-tenured workers has never been easier.

How SafetyHQ Improves Worker Training

Dedicated training expert to help you create training materials

Create unlimited courses/lessons on any topic

Use our starter material on fall protection, first aid, and more. Or start from scratch.

All training material safely stored together in one place

Assign training to workers automatically by role or manually

Deliver training anytime, anywhere, on any device

Require workers complete custom-designed lesson quizzes

All completed training is automatically tracked in a workers SafetyHQ profile

Deliver lesson material in English or Spanish (other languages coming soon)


Ready To Improve Your Training?

Let's connect for a short conversation so we can find out more about your specific training requirements. We'll also show you SafetyHQ training features in more detail. After that conversation, you'll have all information you need to decide if you'd like to work with us. Thousands of contractors have already discovered how much easier having a strong training program is with SafetyHQ. We're looking forward to chatting.

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