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Tracking Training For Your Workers

If your organization takes safety seriously, you're probably already doing some training with your workers. They may also already possess training at the time they are hired. Keeping track of everything that every worker has taken or still needs to take has always been a challenge. Many companies have created complicated spreadsheets to track worker training. Many others still rely on paper records. The result is a cumbersome system that results in wasted time and often poor accuracy. It's also difficult to share information both inside and outside the company.


Problems With Tracking Certifications

  • Poor visibility into what training each worker has taken
  • Considerable effort required to maintain records
  • Files aren't consistently updated
  • No proactive notification of training expiry dates
  • Hard to share training information within the company or externally
  • Spreadsheets and paper files can be lost

Almost every organization suffers the problem of tracking worker certifications effectively. It's common for us to see gigantic spreadsheets with complicated tabs that are hard to update and even harder to read. That's why we created SafetyHQ certification tracker. It's the automated way to track training for your entire organization.

How SafetyHQ Makes Tracking Certifications Better

Quickly capture worker training via electronic form

Capture training type, date taken, expiry dates, training source, and more

Take & add photos of any certificates or wallet cards

View training records by worker, training type, division, expiry date, and more

Training records stored in the cloud for access anytime, anywhere

Easily share training records with anyone with a few clicks

Get automatic notifications before training expires