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Toolbox Talks

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What Are Toolbox Talks & Why Are They Important?

Toolbox talks or tailgate talks are short, informal meetings for field personnel to discuss hazards and safe work practices. They are commonplace in the construction industry. Most often held weekly, they help foremen and supervisors to keep safety top of mind amongst their workers. Toolbox talks are also a key piece of safety due diligence and they are often provided as evidence when a company is defending itself from an OSHA citation. General Contractors often request subcontractors submit these records to them as well. Most toolbox talks are still conducted with paper.


Problems With Toolbox Talks

  • Finding Relevant Meeting Content
  • Distributing Content To Remote Workers
  • Meeting Content Isn't Engaging
  • Meetings Are Poorly Documented

We've developed our toolbox talk feature in collaboration with contractors. We’ve found a way of mimicking what was previously done on paper while making the content more engaging, removing the inefficiencies, and strengthening the records produced. With SafetyHQ, your team will be completing their toolbox talks quickly and easily. You’ll have peace of mind that this essential safety activity is getting done consistently and have the records to back it up.

How SafetyHQ Makes Toolbox Talks Better

Never look for content again. SafetyHQ includes hundreds of toolbox talk meeting guides

All content available in English & Spanish

Write your own meeting guides anytime and save them

Make talks more engaging with video, audio guides, and more

Send weekly topic notifications to field personnel automatically

Get notified if toolbox talks aren't completed

Field teams can capture attendance on any smartphone or tablet

Produce professional-looking PDF records that can be shared easily

All records saved instantly for later reporting