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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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What Are SDS & Why Are They Important?

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or formerly MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are documents required by law to be provided by manufacturers of chemicals and other construction materials. They are composed of sixteen sections of information ranging from proper handling to emergency procedures. If you want to get more information on SDS themselves you can visit the OSHA quick card.

Under OSHA regulations, employers are obligated to make sure that SDS are readily available for all workers. This basically means that for every material they work with there should be an accompanying SDS nearby. This is problematic for many companies because they work with so many different materials on a daily basis. Many companies have created huge binders to house their SDS collection or signed up for expensive dedicated apps to keep their SDS collection current and available.


Problems With Managing SDS

  • Finding SDS for every product your company uses
  • Ensuring ready access to potentially hundreds of documents
  • Keeping SDS updated as new products are released

Stop using hefty binders or searching online and printing SDS for every project. There's a better way with SafetyHQ. We've established connections with thousands of manufacturers and created a database of over 2.4 million SDS. We keep all our documents updated and they are readily available in your SafetyHQ account anytime, anywhere. You can even bookmark commonly used product SDS to make things even easier for field staff.

How SafetyHQ Makes SDS Better

All applicable SDS available in one place

Current database includes 2.4 Million products

Access SDS from any device in seconds

Documents are regularly audited and keep up to date automatically

Bookmark commonly used SDS to projects within SafetyHQ for easy retrieval

No bulky binders

Add new SDS yourself in a few clicks

Don't see what you need? Provide us with the manufacturer and we'll add all their product SDS

No need to spend money on a separate app or service just for SDS


Ready To Spend Less Time Managing SDS?

Making these annoying and mundane tasks easier is what SafetyHQ is all about. We want your health & safety program to be comprehensive, engaging, and effective. You'll have happier, more productive workers, and save money. Let's connect for a discussion and demo so we can find out how your business operates and adapt SafetyHQ to serve you.

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