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Hazard Analysis

What Is Hazard Analysis And Why Is It Important?

It sometimes goes by different names like Jobsite Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Task Hazard Analysis, or Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA). In any case, hazard analysis is just a fancy way of describing the answers to three questions:

  • What work are we doing?
  • How is it dangerous?
  • How are we going to control those dangers?

Performing and documenting this safety planning activity is always a good idea as it provides evidence of a strong commitment to health & safety. Hazard analysis can be done daily or whenever the scope of work changes. Like toolbox talks, a hazard analysis helps workers focus their attention on the things that could result in an injury or illness and a good hazard analysis will also ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to what exactly needs to be done to stay safe.

Making hazard analysis part of your safety program will likely result in:

  • Fewer worker injuries and illnesses
  • Safer, more effective work methods
  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs
  • Increased worker productivity


Problems With Hazard Analysis

  • Paper forms that require a lot of writing
  • Not considering all work tasks
  • Not performing hazard analysis again when work changes
  • Not identifying all hazards present
  • Not identifying all relevant controls
  • Not including all crew in the hazard analysis
  • Skipping hazard analysis altogether because it takes too much time

Construction workers are human like the rest of us and we all tend to get used to our surroundings over time. Construction sites are dangerous places but workers can get complacent to those dangers. Performing hazard analysis is the perfect way to refocus attention but it's often neglected or ignored. SafetyHQ removes the barriers to hazard analysis and makes it quick & easy.

How SafetyHQ Makes Hazard Analysis Better

Custom electronic form accessible from any device

Allow workers to choose common tasks from a list instead of writing them down

Automatically list appropriate hazards for each task so workers can discuss them

Workers can choose the relevant controls from a separate list or add their own

Managers can get automated notification of severe hazard work

Makes hazard analysis collaborative & fun

Share professional looking documentation quickly & easily

Get notified if hazard analysis isn't performed according to company policy


Ready To Improve Hazard Analysis?

Identifying hazards based on the work being performed & planning controls for those hazards while documenting the entire process has never been easier with SafetyHQ. See this and all the other features of SafetyHQ in action via a personal demo session with our team.

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