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Site Safety Inspections

Performing regular safety inspections on your job sites is the best way to identify and control risks. Unsafe conditions can be corrected before resulting in an injury. Safety personnel and management can use inspection results to inform decisions, ranging from areas of training focus, to the need for purchasing more personal protective equipment. Inspections are also really handy for highlighting the performance of your team when it comes to working safely. They will help you identify safety leaders within your organization and those that perhaps require more coaching. Properly documented, safety inspection records can be critical in defending your company from OSHA citations or injury claims. Conducting detailed inspections is also a good idea when it comes to insurance. Companies can see more favorable rates if they can prove they have made safety inspections a core component of their health & safety program.


Problems With Safety Inspections

  • Cumbersome Paper Forms
  • Delays In Receiving Reports
  • Inadequate Information
  • Hard to analyze results

Conducting safety inspections on your job sites doesn't have to be a hassle. If your company is using SafetyHQ, your workers can quickly submit inspections easily on any mobile device. You'll have the data you need to protect the company from incidents and improve the quality of your construction health & safety program.

How SafetyHQ Makes Inspections Better

Custom Electronic Inspection Form Built For You

Unlimited Form Changes & Enhancements

Required Fields So Nothing Important Is Left Out

Real Time Reporting & Analytics

Easily Share Inspections Via Company Branded PDF

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