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Incident Reports

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Incidents & Near Misses

It's never good when someone gets hurt on the job site. No matter if the incident is relatively minor or results in significant injury, a proper incident report should be made immediately, and a thorough incident investigation should be performed. Depending on where your company operates, you may need to report the injury to the authorities. Some of the important things that should be included in an incident report include conditions and actions leading up to the incident as well as photos of the job site, injury location. Also include details about the injury and treatment. The same kind of reporting should be done for near misses. Those are the occurrences when someone could've been hurt but wasn't.


Problems With Incident Reporting

  • Not getting information in a timely manner
  • Getting incomplete or incorrect information
  • Not performing follow up investigations
  • Drawing incorrect conclusions about root causes
  • Lack of communication in regards to root causes
  • Producing Insufficient records to defend an injury claim or OSHA citation

Knowing exactly what's happened is the only way to properly identify contributing factors to any incident. Often there isn't a single root cause. SafetyHQ allows field personnel to begin capturing details moments after an incident occurs when the details are still fresh. The app can notify key personnel right away and gives your company easy ways to track the investigation and share the findings. SafetyHQ can even help your company meet its reporting obligations to OSHA or other authorities automatically.

How SafetyHQ Makes Incident Reporting Better

Capture details on a custom form built for you

Include images, video to empower investigators

Add more details to the case as they are uncovered

Notify key personnel of incidents immediately

Easily share incident findings and avoid similar occurrences

Automate OSHA 300 and other reporting


Ready To Prevent More Incidents?

Let's connect for a short chat and we'll show you exactly how incident reporting works with SafetyHQ. You'll be on your way to conducting better incident investigations and preventing more injuries. Not ready to speak with us but want to learn more? Our Learning Center is packed with useful articles to help you improve your construction health & safety program.

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