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Your Ultimate Guide To Toolbox Talks

Tom Whitaker
Tom Whitaker

Tom Whitaker is the Founder & CEO of SafetyHQ. He is passionate about the convergence of construction and technology. Particularly when it comes to safety on the job site. Tom is a father of three boys and lives near Toronto, Canada.

Safety Best Practice

Toolbox talks are short, informal meetings for field personnel to discuss hazards and safe work practices.  They are commonplace in the construction industry. Most often held weekly, they allow foremen and supervisors to keep safety top of mind amongst their workers.

Toolbox talks are also a key piece of safety due diligence and they are often provided as evidence when a company is defending themselves from OSHA. General Contractors often request subs submit these records to them as well.

If you’re like most companies doing toolbox talks, you’re probably doing them on paper. This can bring a number of issues into play such as;

  • Difficulty finding good meeting topics
  • Difficulty distributing content to remote workers
  • Lack of timeliness in workers returning completed talks
  • Poor quality of the records produced. Missing info, signatures, etc…
  • Harder to locate historical records when you need them most

And let’s not forget how much construction workers hate to do paperwork. This can lead to a lack of participation in your safety process and ultimately to more risk.

SafetyHQ makes conducting & documenting toolbox talks fun and easy:

  • Hundreds of topics in both English & Spanish that can be sent directly to your team each week
  • Capture all the important information about attendees including signatures right from a smartphone.
  • Instant visibility of safety program participation via our customized dashboards.
  • Easily access historical records by project, crew, topic, or person.
  • Share professional looking PDF copies with your GC or customers with a few clicks.

SafetyHQ developed our toolbox talk feature in collaboration with contractors. We’ve found a way of mimicking what was typically done on paper while removing the inefficiencies and strengthening the records produced. With SafetyHQ, your team will be completing their toolbox talks quickly and easily. You’ll know that this essential piece of safety due diligence is getting done and getting right.

To find out more about how SafetyHQ makes toolbox talks better, book a demo today.