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How Employee Mental Health Can Help The Construction Labor Shortage

Sue Drummond
Sue Drummond

Sue Drummond knows that learning new technology can be intimidating and overwhelming sometimes. That's exactly why her role at SafetyHQ is to teach, guide and customize the fear away. Together with our clients, she sets project priorities, exchanges resources and shares best practices, all in an effort to achieve happier and healthier employees and safer job sites.

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I want to share three quick facts with you and make a suggestion that could have a significant positive impact on your company’s ability to attract and retain workers.

  1. Construction workers are more likely to die by suicide than by all other job site hazards, combined
  2. The number one cause of their depression, leading up to their decision to take their own life, is a toxic work environment
  3. Toxic company culture is also the number one reason construction workers quit their jobs

The good news is, you can turn it all around by putting a focus on the mental health of your employees. There are two proven ways to do that:

  • Incorporate mental health into your health and safety program
  • Make some improvements to your company culture

I have outlined exactly how to accomplish these two tasks and the resources you need to be successful in a Construction Mental Health Toolkit.

The toolkit contains:

– a template letter to management outlining the issue and the reasons taking action makes smart business sense

– a step by step guide to improving the mental health at your company

– the top toxic company culture factors found in the industry and ways to eliminate them

warning signs and appropriate ways to respond

– a mental health wellness check to offer your employees for self-screening

– questions to ask during a supervisor check-in, and how to respond

– three mental health toolbox talks with Spanish translations

Making the changes outlined in the toolkit is sure to:

  • Improve the atmosphere at work
  • Help retain workers
  • Attract new workers
  • Save lives

As a leader in the construction health and safety industry, SafetyHQ has a moral obligation to help fight this epidemic in every way possible. That is why we are offering the toolkit to you, absolutely free with no obligation.

We’ve done all the legwork for you, all you need to do is implement it. Start by downloading the toolkit below.


Construction Mental Health Toolkit

A 17 page PDF document containing everything you need to implement mental health into your health and safety program and improve your company culture, all in an effort to attract, retain and save the lives of your employees.

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