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What is A Safety Scorecard and How Will it Help My Safety Program?

Sue Drummond
Sue Drummond

Sue Drummond knows that learning new technology can be intimidating and overwhelming sometimes. That's exactly why her role at SafetyHQ is to teach, guide and customize the fear away. Together with our clients, she sets project priorities, exchanges resources and shares best practices, all in an effort to achieve happier and healthier employees and safer job sites.

Safety Best Practice

It’s hard to know where to start with a safety program, and even if you’ve begun, it’s hard to see what you aren’t doing (and should be) or could be doing better.

We get asked about this all the time. You want to know the industry best practices because you don’t have the time to reinvent the wheel, and you can’t exactly call up your competition and ask them what they do.

We have turned hundreds of construction safety programs into digital versions, which means we have read hundreds of safety manuals, built thousands of inspection forms, and witnessed firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

We have always shared our knowledge base with our existing clients, and now we are ready to share it with you. As leaders in the construction safety industry, we feel it is our responsibility to make that information easily accessible to anyone who wants it.

That’s why we have just launched our new Safety Scorecard.

What is a Safety Scorecard?

A Safety Scorecard is an online tool that compares and rates your company’s safety program against industry standards and best practices and provides suggestions on ways to make improvements.

You’ll be asked a series of questions regarding the safety activities your company currently conducts and their regularity. Here are some examples of the questions you will be asked:

The answers are multiple-choice and are offered in ranges or scales, making the process quick and easy. See the image below for examples.

What Results Will You Receive?

The Safety Scorecard assigns a score to each response, based on the importance of the task in relation to a strong safety program. At the end, we provide you with FOUR valuable sources of information:

  1. Your cumulative score and rank compared to other construction companies.
  2. A breakdown of your results by category, highlighting the areas needing the most attention.
  3. Suggestions on the next steps your company should take to make improvements to your safety program.
  4. Links to additional information (such as step by step guides) in our Learning Center to help you accomplish those tasks.

What Our Safety Scorecard Won’t Do

  1. It won’t try and sell you our software. It is not a sales pitch; it’s a tool we hope will help you implement change and save lives. There are no strings attached, and you get your results right away.
  2. It won’t give you accurate suggestions IF you don’t provide accurate information. It is not a test, so don’t try and ‘guess the right answer.’ The more honest you are with the scorecard, the more suitable our suggestions will be at the end.

Next Steps

Our Safety Scorecard provides you with a concrete metric to compare your company against the industry and yourselves. Share your results with your management team or even the entire staff, so you have a baseline for where you are now.

Work on the suggestions we make and then return to complete the scorecard again; you should see a rise in your score, making everyone proud.

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