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The 6 Best Construction Safety Apps. Ditch Paperwork Forever

Tom Whitaker
Tom Whitaker

Tom Whitaker is the Founder & CEO of SafetyHQ. He is passionate about the convergence of construction and technology. Particularly when it comes to safety on the job site. Tom is a father of three boys and lives near Toronto, Canada.

Best In Class

As Founder & CEO of SafetyHQ, I meet with hundreds of construction companies each year that are looking to better manage their health & safety programs.  At some point during every engagement, I’m asked, “What are the best construction safety apps?” 

I’m not afraid to provide information on our competition because I want our customers to be as informed as possible.

Here is a list of some of the best safety apps with experience in the construction sector.


Founded in 2012, eCompliance has grown to not only include safety management software but also asset management and e-learning for the construction, government, mining, utilities, energy, and manufacturing sectors. 


iAuditor by Safety Culture was started in Australia in 2004 and expanded to the US in 2016.  Their main value proposition is to increase the efficiency of inspections.  They have clients in construction, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality as well.


Since 2014 SafeSite has provided clients with a solution to perform inspections, incident reporting, toolbox talks, and more.  One notable feature is their catalog of form templates that clients can further customize to their needs.

Safety Reports

Safety-Reports formed in 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska. They have clients in Construction and General Industry, but their apps are also used by Loss Control Representatives in the Insurance Industry as well as Safety Consultants who provide third-party services.

Safety Reports’ first product on the market was an inspection app. And since then, they’ve added new separate apps to include: training, job site safety analysis, observations, incidents, and weather forecasting.


Founded in Victoria, BC, Canada, SiteDocs has worked with contractors pursuing or maintaining the COR Safety certification that is growing more widely adopted as a standard in Canada. 

Safety Meeting App

As their name implies, Safety Meeting App is used to facilitate and document safety meetings or toolbox talks in the field.  They have a large repository of safety meeting content.  They’ve also recently started to offer solutions for inspections and incident reporting.

Next Actions

All software companies excel in certain areas.  The key to finding the right solution for your company ultimately is determining which out-of-the-box features of any particular solution fit your requirements the best and then how much customization you’ll need to do to get an exact fit.

SafetyHQ has helped construction companies large and small to reduce the administrative burden of their safety program, strengthen their safety culture, and save significant money through lower worker’s compensation premiums.  

Every one of our clients has their own customized version of our platform and everyone gets onsite training for field staff and one-to-one support for administrators.  

If you’re ready to see what SafetyHQ could do for your business, book a demo today.

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